Research indices

Here, several of the research tools that I have examined in my experiments are presented, as well as all language variants that I am aware of. If you have one to share which is not yet presented here, please contact me.

Please note that the following surveys are all free-to-use for research purposes. Yet, sharing of other language variants to be posted on this page or simply informing me of your research findings, is always greatly appreciated.

Disgust Propensity and Sensitivity Scale – Revised

DPSS R 12 items NL with scoring key

DPSS R 12 items English

DPSS R 12 items Deutsch

DPSS R 12 items Spanish

DPSS R 12 items Italian

DPSS R 16 items Persian

Disgust Scale – Revised


Other languages, click here on Jonathan Haidt’s outstanding Disgust Scale homepage

Sexual Disgust Questionnaire

SDQ Dutch

SDQ English