About me

I Will Award 2014After graduating at Maastricht University (Mental Health Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biological Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology), I wrote a dissertation on ‘Disgust in relation to specific phobias’ at Clinical Psychological Science at Maastricht University with two excellent promotors: prof. dr. P. J. de Jong (University of Groningen) and prof. dr. M.L. Peters (Universiteit Maastricht). After the public defense (24-10-2008), I worked as a post-doc at Maastricht University during 2009 to wrap up ‘paper’-work.

Next, I moved to the Marketing Management Department at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam as a post-doc researcher on the EU-FP7-funded Pan-European  xDelia-project. Here, I examined emotion regulation in financial decision-making and how to train emotion regulation using innovative training methods (e.g., serious games) for both professional decision-makers and consumers in the general population (e.g., households).

Here, my research projects entailed experiments in lab and field settings,  being involved and/or leading the development of apps related to emotion regulation techniques, a biofeedback game around heart rate, and developing the Mindful Trader Training (an online mindfulness training for traders and private investors  which is currently hosted at Saxo Bank). Recently, I was selected as one of six finalists for the I Will Award 2014 for inspiring and innovative thinkers.

Currently, I am a freelance researcher and educator. Thus, I coached students at Erasmus University Rotterdam with their bachelor and master theses (e.g., 53 students in 2014/2015). And last but not least, I am a board member of the scientific bureau of the Dutch political party for the elderly, 50 Plus, where I participate in discussions on future directions in research amongst the elderly and have lead several research projects.

I am always open to freelance assignments or to learn more about teaching or research opportunities with your university.

A brief summary is presented in my CV.

Research interests: emotion regulation, biofeedback, experimental psychology, serious games, disgust, affect